Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the application of technology that allows employees in a company to configure computer software or a “robot” to capture and interpret existing applications for processing a transaction, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the use of software with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to handle high-volume, repeatable tasks that previously required a human to perform.


Robotic Process Automation at Axis

With our RPA consulting services, we can help you identify automation opportunities and eliminate barriers to Robotic Process Automation. With our expertise in Another Monday, UiPath, Pega, Blue Prism, and other RPA development tools, you can build intelligent process automated systems that replicate human tasks also do these tasks quicker and cheaper, anytime and anywhere.

Robotic Process Automation Consulting

We visit you to learn about your business process and identify if you need Robotic Process Automation? If yes, then our Robotic Process Automation consulting experts prepare a document which states how Robotic Process Automation will scale your business? Also, our report will include the impact, result and risk factors of the RPA implementation.

Automation Design

Our automation analysts identify intervention models to be applied in your system. We help you to map manual processes that require automation. After designing automation architecture, we will present the designed automated model.

RPA Development

We design and develop intelligent applications using our UiPath, Pega and other automation tools expertise for process automation. Our RPA experts strive with workflows and reiterate until the app becomes the best version of itself. Finally, we help you in scaling business continuity with our RPA application.

Infrastructure & Automation Support

Once the organization has successfully implemented the RPA technology into their system, we further help them identify new business processes which can be automated with RPA bots. Our RPA team provides complete & ongoing support for your business efficiency management.

RPA Activities used in Business Processes

Now you can nurture your leads by automating the repetitive processes. With RPA implementation on the marketing funnel and customer experience, Rules-based decisions in workflow can improve by becoming experience-based over time.

With the tedious tasks of Non-standard invoicing, Unstructured data, Discrepancies & approvals, the process of accounts billing gets delayed. These processes are getting automated and fast with RPA implementation.

With Robotic process automation, you can Filter junk requests, enable self-service, ensure around-the-clock services and increase the work productivity.

Eliminating the risks of Manual inputs, Disparate input media, Legacy applications, Regulation and compliance with RPA in insurance claim processes.

Our GUI automation experts automate tedious tasks of screen scraping, automated testing, automated data entry, app integration and content migration via GUI controls recognition, GUI action recorder and the UI automation API.

The robots automate invoice processing, ensuring accuracy and preventing mistakes. It processes invoices in a speedy and secure way with resulting in more effective Finance & accounting workflow.

RPA Automation & performance

Best-In-Class RPA Tools for Improved Productivity

Drive your business to build innovative solutions & scale up the productivity with proven technology skills

CoE capability

Axis can help you develop an internal, self-sustaining and scalable RPA expertise by using the organized approach and framework that our RPA CoE (Center of Excellence) methodology professes. Our well designed CoE framework provides a set of clearly articulated business-related services in support of your organization’s core objectives to: Enable a central coordination point, organizational structure and governance model that warrants optimal value delivery via RPA Enable and drive centralized RPA competency and consistency in planning, design, implementation and testing Ensure availability of a wide array of resources to business functions across the organization to aid RPA strategy and leadership initiatives The Axis team of experts can work with you to assess your current RPA maturity including infrastructure, tools, processes and resource expertise, and provide the recommended CoE framework, design, roll-out plan and timelines for lift-off. We can also work with you to implement the designed and approved framework by providing managed services for your CoE with the resources and expertise that you require.

What do you get?

1. CoE framework and methodology

2. Governance, risk and control model

3. CoE implementation, ramp up and ongoing managed services

4. Organizational change readiness and adoption model

5. Process optimization and continuous improvement

6. Scaled Implementation and Maintenance