Axis Tech, Inc is a big data services/solutions company offering services to businesses to help them develop and implement a comprehensive Big Data strategy. This can help them optimize every possible process and streamline them together to drive the maximum possible revenues.

Our Big Data analytics services help in analyzing the voluminous information to provide you the deepest insights into undiscovered possibilities. Our data scientists have a unique approach to develop solution that analyzes each piece of information before taking any critical business decision.

We leverage powerful open source tools and develop custom big data software to deliver values across the entire enterprise. Our team is skilled enough to support you through the entire development cycle of the Big Data solution that you are looking for. Whatever your need or goal, our aim remains the same to provide you end-to-end processes to help you achieve your long-term Business Intelligence and Analytics goals.


We enable clients to improve their decision-making capability by providing them access to a wide range of data analytics solutions, services, and resources. Your data is growing every day & you can’t stop it – but you can control it with Big Data. Let’s find the business in your data! Being a prominent Big Data Consulting Company, our motive is to use big data technology in enhancing user’s life with the delivery of richer digital experiences & smarter decisions.

At Axis Tech, Inc, we have the deep experience as well as advanced technical expertise to architect, deploy, and maintain your Data Lake implementation. We have worked on the architecture, design, and implementation of complete frameworks that are used to jump start a Data Lake implementation and as a result, bring the following expertise to our engagements.


BigData Analytics

Understand how optimum data engineering processes work and how we can help you leverage the same, along with the best data storage practices.

Real Time Analytics

Axis Tech, Inc helps you set up real-time predictions by deploying the collected business data to drive insights. This translates to quicker responses to incidents where a mere delay of seconds or minutes can lead to catastrophic results.

BigData batch Processing

Collect and process gigantic heaps of data that often prove too complex to handle. The process followed here collects the data first, it is entered into the processing system, the processing is carried out and the results are then produced.

Data Driven Logistics

 Intelligent and personalized insights about gaps and opportunities for improvement in the supply chain can be driven by leveraging geospatial data in your organization, even in real-time.

Get Big Benefits from Big Data Consulting – With a Structured Engagement Approach

Define business goals that are expected from the insights derived from ‘Big Data’ with Big Data Consulting

Formulate a primary business use case
to start with.

Conduct feasibility of business use case including availability of data

Ensure a defined data governance framework to adequately protect information privacy and security

Connect stakeholders including senior management as well as users directly linked with the use case

Execute a proof of concept around the primary business use case (PoC)

Upon validation of PoC, assess choice of tools/technologies and sizing of infrastructure required

Take a structured approach of data ingestion from different platforms, transformation & analysis

Monitor adoption and ROI of big data system